January 2011

January = winter =  Cold.  Dark.  Long.  Wet. 

We only ventured outdoors once or twice, particularly whenever Dad parks Canebrake Forestry's trailer o' fun in our driveway.  The trailer - slam packed to every side with 4-wheelers, cans of gasoline/combustible liquids, and all types of manly equipment - lures the Bedsole boys without fail.  All they're allowed to do is climb around the edges, and that's what we did this particular not-so-horribly-cold, lit afternoon.

Thomas, super proud of his boots
which he wears 8 days a week.


silly John David

4wheeler love
It's a boy thing.
(Mamas apparently just don't understand.)

John David, the policeman, and Thomas, the racecar driver,
with Miss Jean on Pajama Day
They looked forward to this day for weeks!

Yes, we're wearing Tshirts in January.
The last Saturday of the month was a.ma.zing.
Oh, the sunshine, the warmth!
We spent the day (9 am - past 6 pm) at the pasture,
unloading hay, feeding cows, riding 4wheelers, playing in the dirt,
and eating M&Ms (which they still call N-a-M's :).
Best. January. Day. Ever. 
Praise, praise, praise the Lord, who is good ALL the time,
and especially good to us in West Alabama on this day.

Thomas, future cowboy

John David, the ham

sweet T
We also celebrated Brittany's 20th birthday at P.F. Chang's this month  Attempts to copy and paste a photo from Facebook have left me with blood pressure raised.  Obviously, the best I could do was the postage stamp you see below.  Happy Birthday, B!  We love our Brittany.
I still can't believe Brittany's not as small as the boys are :(

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Sakura Starry Night said...

I hope maybe one day you make more of these your sons are so cute