Drug Store Cowboys

Q: Who wants to go to a rodeo? A: I do! We goin to a rodeo!...What's a rodeo? We went to our first rodeo last night, dressed for the part. We were somewhat disappointed that we weren't able to ride the animals but had fun watching others.


John David
John David, Thomas

Thomas, John David


John David


Bearing Rings and Laughs

We were recently the ring bearers in our cousin Lindsey's wedding. The rehearsal went (too) well. So after several hours of refusing to smile for photos, no (real) lunch, some tears from Thomas, and no nap on wedding day, our participation was questionable. We surprised our parents by not only walking and standing as rehearsed, but by first, loving, then smiling, and even giggling with one another the rest of the way through the teary ceremony. We were so carried away with our 'cuteness' that we wouldn't get down! (By the way, this behavior in front of an audience truly is out of character for us both!) But considering the other direction our behavior could've taken, we chalked it up as a victory and offer our services to other engaged couples out there...we're available.
(L- Thomas, R- John David)

After the entire wedding party had exited the 'stage':
(Hey, look, why's Mama coming up here?)