So Mama was grading papers in the sun Sunday afternoon when we surprised her (a.k.a. scared her out of her wits!). She thought we were still napping, but we secretly (successfully) climbed out of our cribs together, crept to the sliding glass doors, and called her just like Daddy calls the cows, "WOO-ooh!" She could not BELIEVE what we'd done...or, again, how big we are.

We've actually been able to climb/fall out for some time now; only we've "chosen" to stay put. Unsure of how long we'll keep making that choice, we were told it was time for big boy beds. Upon hearing the news that we'd get big boy beds, we thought about it... "That's a baby bed, Mama?" (It never actually occurred to us what kind of bed we're sleeping in. Good thing we didn't know before now; the "baby" reference still offends.) Very curious about what these beds would look like, she explained that we'd take the rails down. Thomas, being the boss he is, corrected her, "You gonna take the stripes down?" (Those are called the rails.) "No, Mama, that's the stripes on the side."

Mama cried the first time she began to take the stripes down, and she stopped!! She took pictures of us in our baby beds, and we had to sleep in them one more night. (Mama's just a tad sad about losing a big part of her babies...after all, she wonders if she'll ever use these rails again...she won't be greeted with our four outstretched arms to lift out of bed in the mornings...it seems all that's left between us and "boyhood" are the Pullups.)

We, on the other hand, are THRILLED with these new beds (same cribs minus big stripes plus little rails). We spent about an hour getting in and out of them. We asked about bedtime all afternoon. (And we haven't made one peep since Mama started typing this 20 mintues ago!!) We thanked God tonight for the past 32 months - almost all of them spent behind these stripes - and prayed for all the growing up we have ahead of us. What blessings He's given us!

Out of the "big house" behind the stripes, and into the little big boy beds :) (photo to come)


Easter - He is not here...

And neither is the video and some other pictures Mama took using the digital camera Easter morning!! :( So it goes with the things of this world. Not to equate our Lord with a mere camera, but we (ok, Mama) was shocked and sad; we're also thankful for the memories and the few pics we have of Thomas and his bunny surprises. That morning, we were both excited by the goodies in our baskets at the front door. We drove the trucks and 4-wheelers, and John David, upon discovering the rattle in the plastic eggs, went straight for the candy and never looked back. Sweet fun!

Thomas and his brown bunny (John David's is "silver", not to be confused with the color gray)

Thomas, Mary, Brittany, and John David
(post-NO-knee-socks-meltdown, pre-church)
John David
The Northcutts

Thomas, Easter Bunny, John David (After a few encounters with Mary's new puppy, they wisely asked, "He not bite me, Mama? He just licks?")

Thomas, (our great-)Granddaddy, and John David: the best we could do at this point.

After church, we checked out a terrific bunny display - a local family's Easter tradition that's SO much fun to explore.

brotherly love (T, JD)
John David, our cousin Haleigh (7), and Thomas