I have a good idea

said Thomas at the table tonight.  "Let's talk about something NICE."
Mama: Like what?
Thomas: ".........the river!"

It warmed my heart to hear Thomas mimicking one of my attempts to change the subject, even though the conversation was going well.  I usually do this when they get reallly whiny and particularly when they've gone on and on about something "BAD" someone said or did at daycare that day.  Of course, I don't dismiss what they have to say. 

We pray for our friends (and ourselves!) to have kind words and kind feet, kind hands, etc; I tell them that it makes Mama sad and Jesus sad - "...and God sad?" - and God sad - "...and Daddy sad?" - and Daddy sad, "...and-" and all the people sad when boys and girls do those things.  We'll even open our mouths and look up and pray that God would fill it up with kind words.  They love for me to look in and tell them the kind words I see.

I remind them that we don't say those words in our house.  "But (kid) can say those words at their house?"

I try to offer situational advice:  when (kid) says that to you, you just tell her we don't say words like that; we say kind words.  Or: when (kid) does (whatever) to you, you just go play somewhere else.  "But (s)he will just follow me, Mama!"

I try to acknowledge their sadness/shock: well that was an awful thing to say/do.  One time, Thomas prefaced his report by saying, "Mama, just don't say, 'that's terrible; that's makes you sad' when I tell you."

So, when acknowledgement, prayer, and advice fail, and the reports continue to come, I do say, "Let's talk about something nice that someone did or said.  And I suppose the river's about as nice as anything I can think of to talk about.

What made me laugh today:

Thomas: "You don't do it like dad."
Mama:  Well, I guess I don't.
Thomas:  "Well one day when you are big and shave all your hair off, then you can."

John David:  "Hey Mama - I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE girls!"
(It's even cuter the way he says it: "gay-ulls".)


LONG time, no blog

Our computer quit shortly after the last post, but we haven't slowed down, of course. After 4 months, $230, and a trip to "the shop", we're ready to recap our summer/fall 2009. Summer was as fun as summer should be, and we are well into the swing of things this year (school year). (It's hard to believe that HALF the 'year' will be over in 3 weeks - yikes!)

June marked our parents' 32nd birthdays and their 7th anniversary. We spent most of the month outside, playing in the water, half-clothed, and potty training (i.e. tee-teeing off the back patio, in the grass, on the driveway, etc.).

July was both fun and sad. We continued our lazy summer pool days. Cici, Papa John, and Granny kept us for a long weekend while our parents took a trip to Boston with their friends, Kelley and Brandon.
at Fenway Park

We were very sad to lose our great-grandfather, Enoch Northcutt, in July, shortly before his 88th birthday. Though he lived a long and full life, we were not expecting him to go when he did. 2007


Our prayers at night continue to include "Granddaddy in heaven". It was with satisfaction that we realized on our own that Granddaddy has the company of Trudy and George, our grandparents' dead dog and cockatiel. There's definitely a connection between death and heaven/God/Jesus. Just last week when our Mom's car "died", John David's logical question was, "Is it going to heaven?"
August 16th was our third birthday!!! After daily, thoughtful consideration of birthday cake themes - pontoon boats, that firetruck right there, War Eagle, penguins, Roll Tide, football, and monster trucks - and the big day looming in the near future, we settled on the boat genre: John David chose a barge, while Thomas specifically requested "Dad's dirty speedboat" (not to be confused with a clean one, or the fact that it's not a speedboat at all, but a camouflaged duck hunting boat?). ???? Hey, Mom asked...
John David


w/ Taylor & Ben

Yard tools are serious work. Will we be this determined to blow leaves and whack weeds in ten years?? Don't hold your breath...

The first fever we ran after school got started was jersey fever. (Turning three also marked the I-will-choose-what-I-will-wear-today phase. Why did mom think only girls cared about what they wore?) Once our friends, Ben and Bryant, set the trend by wearing their DHS jerseys to daycare, it was all we could ask for.

September '09 is when Thomas got the OK-to-wear-big-boy-underwear pass at daycare. He still continues to sleep in Pull-ups but probably doesn't need to. John David, on the other hand, with little and often no interest (or physical bladder control), has no complaints with the underwear look-alikes. He gets to sport Lightning McQueen and he doesn't soak his shorts when he goes - truly a win-win. And so we continue to encourage him to "try".

October was eventful. For the first time, John David successfully "stopped" the tee tee from coming out, went to the potty, and continued to go. VICTORY! He did this three times in October, although he has not achieved PT status yet.

No checkup with the ENT is complete without a visit to the Children's Hands-On Museum. (We're thankful our ears do not give us the trouble they used to.)

We went to our first high school football game this month, in our jerseys of course. Here we are at the homecoming parade.
w/ Preston & Ben

T, Ben, JD

(Thing 2 and Thing 1. Our numbers = birth order.)

Cici and Papa John took us to the state fair in Montgomery...

and they took us to Callaway Gardens, a.k.a. the butterfly garden.T spotted one

JD, Cici, T



with Granny
Three is clearly the age for comprehending the concept of holidays (for us anyway), and Halloween was a hit. John David will still reply, "go trick-or-treating," when asked what he wants to do. We were much more decisive on choosing a costume than we were a birthday cake. In honor of two of the animals we sleep with, John David was a penguin; Thomas was a panda. Possibly, it's because we wore animal costumes (the same ones, no doubt) the last two years and we assumed we were supposed to choose an animal. Either way, we loved dressing up and all that candy.

w/Ellen Marie
Here we are with our neighbor and dear friend, Jack Marler, aka "Marler". Not pictured is his wife, Brenda, aka "Marler". (That started when we were very little and wouldn't say Mr. or Mrs.) He suffered a spinal injury when he had a bicycle wreck back in May. We are so thankful that he's finally home and improving his mobility. Though we are fascinated by his "4wheeler wheelchair" and enjoy riding our bikes on his ramp, we look forward to the day when it's gone.

watching Marlers' cuckoo clock

November ends on Monday. We celebrated Thanksgiving this week, with much to be thankful for, as always. It's a little harder to absorb this holiday since we've been bombarded with Christmas decorations since the month began everywhere we turn. We are sad that our Paw Paw was hospitalized on Thanksgiving with diabetic neuropathy (sp?). So we missed Thanksgiving in Aliceville this year. We also missed tailgating in War Eagle country but watched and cheered with Dad for the first quarter, wearing our Alabama jerseys ?? (We're still collegiately confused. We find humor in shouting Roll Tide to all the Auburn fans we know and vice versa.) For the rest of the game, we napped, Dad continued to hope for the best (sorry), and Bama fans everywhere squeaked a sigh of relief.

I suppose that brings us up to date. We've say funny things, like all kids do. And like most moms who don't stop to write them down, ours has forgotten a lot of them. A few that come to mind...

Cici - "Dogs wag their tails when they're happy. We don't have tails, do we?"
Thomas - "I got a tail in the front."
Thomas - "Mama, what are you doin in there?"
Mama - "Using the bathroom, Thomas."
Thomas - "Did your poop come out or just are you waitin on it like I do?"
John David (looking at Thomas's poop in his little potty) - "He made a J!" (A bit graphic, but it was a J. And we're both doing so well with letter recgonition. We can write T, J, D, A, M, O, C most of the time [with a crayon, not with our poop!]) For some reason, they both want to see the other's poop (hopefully that's a toddler thing and not just a Bedsole boy thing). John David also did this a long while back when Thomas's diaper was being changed. John David recognized both "a pancake" and "a snake" in the diapers. (Mom and Dad are so proud :).

Mama - "Thomas, don't you want to try to tee-tee before we go?"
Thomas - "No, my tee-tee is just too tired."
John David (it has been mentioned that he loves to fill his bed with "stuff") has become quite the bag lady/boy. He regularly gets plastic shopping bags and fills them with all the stuff he can find: Mardi Gras beads; stuffed animals - particularly penguins; this plastic, blue bear he found; trucks; etc. etc. etc. We have to be careful not to trash the bags that look like they're holding such. Most of his questions these days are, "Can I sleep with this?" (We must post a picture of his bed. Hopefully you'll only see it here and not on the show about the hoarders.)
Thomas: "That's just how it goes, Mama."
John David (the penguin boy) - "Peck, peck, peck. My penguin likes to peck."
Thomas - "Can I pet your penguin?"
John David - "Yeah. You can pat him on his pecker."
Mama - "That's called his beak, John David. We have mouths and birds have beaks."
John David - "No mom, that's just his pecker that he pecks with." (Sorry - didn't mean to drag you into the gutter with his parents, but Mom and Dad were very careful not to laugh out loud or make a big deal about it.)
Baby-talk: Both boys have acquired imaginary babies?? They have babies that live everywhere, have everything, and do anything. Throughout the day, we say things like:
"My baby was just making that mess."
"That's where my baby lives."
"My baby rides that."
(pointing at the man in the next car at Sonic) "That's my baby's dad."
"My baby's got a truck like that."
"Is that just your baby's, John David?"
etc. etc. etc.
Do a better job at writing these things down, Mama! I can't believe no more come to mind! Well, we've enjoyed a long week off from school: walking in our camouflage boots in Marler's ditch; playing football; trying to learn how to clean up toys; decorating, undecorating, and decorating (repeat) the little tree in our room; watching Charlie Brown; fighting naptime; repeating after dad, "Go Gators!"; and staying up entirely too late. Thomas especially enjoys a game of shooting "daddy deers", in which he is the daddy deer that runs past you, the hunter; you shoot (POW POW); and he continues to run, almost never dropping dead. This is mostly because "you missed" and sometimes because he's transformed into a baby deer, which you cannot shoot. (He's still the man in charge.) We end the week looking forward to Christmas on the River next week and all the excitement that leads to the big day.


Drug Store Cowboys

Q: Who wants to go to a rodeo? A: I do! We goin to a rodeo!...What's a rodeo? We went to our first rodeo last night, dressed for the part. We were somewhat disappointed that we weren't able to ride the animals but had fun watching others.


John David
John David, Thomas

Thomas, John David


John David


Bearing Rings and Laughs

We were recently the ring bearers in our cousin Lindsey's wedding. The rehearsal went (too) well. So after several hours of refusing to smile for photos, no (real) lunch, some tears from Thomas, and no nap on wedding day, our participation was questionable. We surprised our parents by not only walking and standing as rehearsed, but by first, loving, then smiling, and even giggling with one another the rest of the way through the teary ceremony. We were so carried away with our 'cuteness' that we wouldn't get down! (By the way, this behavior in front of an audience truly is out of character for us both!) But considering the other direction our behavior could've taken, we chalked it up as a victory and offer our services to other engaged couples out there...we're available.
(L- Thomas, R- John David)

After the entire wedding party had exited the 'stage':
(Hey, look, why's Mama coming up here?)



So Mama was grading papers in the sun Sunday afternoon when we surprised her (a.k.a. scared her out of her wits!). She thought we were still napping, but we secretly (successfully) climbed out of our cribs together, crept to the sliding glass doors, and called her just like Daddy calls the cows, "WOO-ooh!" She could not BELIEVE what we'd done...or, again, how big we are.

We've actually been able to climb/fall out for some time now; only we've "chosen" to stay put. Unsure of how long we'll keep making that choice, we were told it was time for big boy beds. Upon hearing the news that we'd get big boy beds, we thought about it... "That's a baby bed, Mama?" (It never actually occurred to us what kind of bed we're sleeping in. Good thing we didn't know before now; the "baby" reference still offends.) Very curious about what these beds would look like, she explained that we'd take the rails down. Thomas, being the boss he is, corrected her, "You gonna take the stripes down?" (Those are called the rails.) "No, Mama, that's the stripes on the side."

Mama cried the first time she began to take the stripes down, and she stopped!! She took pictures of us in our baby beds, and we had to sleep in them one more night. (Mama's just a tad sad about losing a big part of her babies...after all, she wonders if she'll ever use these rails again...she won't be greeted with our four outstretched arms to lift out of bed in the mornings...it seems all that's left between us and "boyhood" are the Pullups.)

We, on the other hand, are THRILLED with these new beds (same cribs minus big stripes plus little rails). We spent about an hour getting in and out of them. We asked about bedtime all afternoon. (And we haven't made one peep since Mama started typing this 20 mintues ago!!) We thanked God tonight for the past 32 months - almost all of them spent behind these stripes - and prayed for all the growing up we have ahead of us. What blessings He's given us!

Out of the "big house" behind the stripes, and into the little big boy beds :) (photo to come)


Easter - He is not here...

And neither is the video and some other pictures Mama took using the digital camera Easter morning!! :( So it goes with the things of this world. Not to equate our Lord with a mere camera, but we (ok, Mama) was shocked and sad; we're also thankful for the memories and the few pics we have of Thomas and his bunny surprises. That morning, we were both excited by the goodies in our baskets at the front door. We drove the trucks and 4-wheelers, and John David, upon discovering the rattle in the plastic eggs, went straight for the candy and never looked back. Sweet fun!

Thomas and his brown bunny (John David's is "silver", not to be confused with the color gray)

Thomas, Mary, Brittany, and John David
(post-NO-knee-socks-meltdown, pre-church)
John David
The Northcutts

Thomas, Easter Bunny, John David (After a few encounters with Mary's new puppy, they wisely asked, "He not bite me, Mama? He just licks?")

Thomas, (our great-)Granddaddy, and John David: the best we could do at this point.

After church, we checked out a terrific bunny display - a local family's Easter tradition that's SO much fun to explore.

brotherly love (T, JD)
John David, our cousin Haleigh (7), and Thomas