If the costume still fits...

So most mothers of twins are incredibly creative and original with twin costumes, particularly while their children are in the pre-I-want-to-be-the-latest-Disney-character phase, but our mom - as much as she ADORES being the mother of twins - is somewhat of a procrastinator, never shops/browses for fun anymore, and is just thrifty out of necessity these days. So you're not experiencing deja vu - we wore these same costumes last year. The pants are a bit short this year, but we may be even cuter than before :)

We practiced trick-or-treating on Thursday afternoon at our back door. We stood outside with our plastic pumpkins, knocked on the door, and smiled at Mama when she opened it. Then she would say, "Trick-or-treat!" and we'd smile and repeat it, wondering what "candy" we'd get (since the only candy we get is a sucker on haircut days). Mama put a piece of candy corn in there, which we spit out and replaced with our own "tractor snacks" (the John Deere gummy fruits). It was fun for a few rounds.

Friday afternoon, John David announced, "I not put on da costume. I not want da candy." When we got to the first of our three stops, we walked to the front door like such big boys, did the routine, and chose one sucker which we immediately opened to eat. Back at the car John David said, "I finished." We spent the rest of the evening at our grandparents' houses playing with the cat and the trains at Nannie and PawPaw's and dancing up a storm to Dionne Warwick (of all people) at Cici and Papa John's. (For those who've witnessed my Daddy's moves, you know what sort of rhythmic genes we have.) Our 3rd Halloween (wow, already) was lots of fun :)
The monkey (Thomas), Cici, Papa John, and the lion (John David)

John David was out-of-control

Dancing machine


Party Time!

Our friends have had much to celebrate this fall, and we are so glad they included us in their partying. Brittany went with us to Birmingham for Lily's first birthday. Our friends, Preston and Anderson, turned two like us (but Mama forgot the camera at Preston's party). Then, our whole family went to a pumpkin carving party to get ready for Halloween. We've looked forward to each one and have learned that we go to the parties "on Sataday".

The Pumpkin Party!
We had the BEST time at Miss Teila's house for the pumpkin carving party.

(John David, Thomas) We stopped to touch the scarecrow.

(John David, Thomas) We watched Daddy take the top off.

Thomas wishes he could use the knife.

All the little pumpkins

Anderson's Party

We had so much fun at Anderson's birthday party, playing in his backyard with all of his trucks. He even invited the REAL firetruck to his party! It was like living a dream.

Thomas had no words to describe the intense joy of getting into a real firetruck.

John David's were, "I wanna get down," despite his equal affection for firetrucks.

He MUCH preferred playing in the rocks with the birthday boy.

...and swinging!

Lily's First Birthday
Lily (a.k.a. Willy), the precious birthday girl

Thomas, Lily, and John David