Two Boys, Two Years, TOO Fast

What a long way we've come! Here we were, 4 days old...and 55 days before we came home. It seemed like forever when we were there, and now we realize how quickly the time goes.

We were actually a tad bigger than this at birth.

What blessings! Mama cannot believe her babies are two and still marvels at these two wonderful years! We celebrated with our family again this year in the midst of battling fever, coughs, and earaches (again this year). It appears to be what happens when your birthday comes after the start of school and swapping germs with the kids you haven't seen all summer.

We had a truck party, as we love anything that goes - trucks, tractors, garbage trucks, golfcarts, dump trucks, 4 wheelers, lawn mowers, motorcycles...and more. We got new bubble-blowing lawnmowers, a firetruck and an ambulance (with someone sick-in-dair /there), little four-wheelers and more cars to push, and big four-wheelers that GO to ride at Cici and Papa John's house. Thomas particularly loves to "go to Cici hay-ouse, ride my foo wooler". (Mama is trying very hard to shake her own southern drawl, which she did not realize was so thick; still Thomas drags out many words, but it's so darn cute.) John David doesn't understand why one push of the button won't make the four-wheeler turn on and go continuously; he gets frustrated trying to hold it down with his thumb, so he "ride a bike" instead.

Cici and Brittany brought us cupcakes at daycare :)

Happy Birthday, John David!!

Happy Birthday, Thomas!!

Hey, look at that smoke! We both had "a hot fire" on our cake!

Opening gifts...

We are starting to potty train, just a little, and we'd probably do more if Mama would work at it as hard as our teachers do. Still, we have been getting on and off our blue potties this summer. Mama says the cribs and the diapers seem like the only "baby" she has left, and she's not ready to give them up yet. Incidentally, Thomas straddled the crib railing in a determined "I-wanna-get-aayout (out)!" fit the night before his 2nd birthday. It's coming... We do so many things like little grown ups, Mama and Daddy are so proud and amazed (as are every other Mama and Daddy). We continue to name our colors, sing the alphabet, and count to 10 with some help of course. We are human parrots and come up with the funniest things on our own. We are the biggest blessing our parents will ever receive.