Tay Tay's B'day

We had a super time at Taylor's birthday party on Sunday.
Here's the birthday girl taking a break from the trampoline action above her.

Thomas, the jumping KING - too bad this wasn't on video. Thomas's jumping technique: "Jumping is not so much in the knees. I've found that simply kicking both legs directly out in front of you at once gets the same results- it's great!"

We don't know if she's still enjoying her ball pit, but WE SURE DID!!
(John David)


Kate Mitchell and Cool Shades

We also met our cousin, Kate Mitchell Compton, at Elizabeth's wedding this weekend, only Mama left the camera in the car. We're still very intrigued and unsure about "bebes" when they get close, but Kate Mitchell is absolutley adorable! (Thanks for the pics, Brit!)

A not-quite-ready Granddaddy and his three great-grands!!!
with Mary, Papa John, Brittany, and Aunt Kathy

...four hours home after a long day at the beach is about the longest car ride we've endured, and so we stopped at an elementary school playground in Jackson on the way home to stretch our legs. John David happened upon a FABULOUS playground find - green sunglasses, which he is super proud of! Some poor kid is looking for these.

We're totally digging it, JD :)

A day at the beach...

After our cousin Elizabeth Cunningham's wedding in Mobile Saturday night, we hit the beach on Sunday for the FIRST TIME EVER (shame on Mama for keeping us from this bliss for almost two years!!). Our friend, Ben, was down with his family and we had the best time ever! What a great Father's Day (and 6th anniversary for our parents :).

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Thomas, throwing sand into the jellyfish infested gulf

John David and "Bee-un" (Ben)

John David, hogging the water bucket

Thomas, finding Daddy's toes in the sand

Mama's boys :)

Good times