First Zoo Trip

We had such a good time at the Birmingham Zoo! We rode with Miss Natalie in "Tay-Tay's cah" and Mary and Brittany joined us to help. We met Mama's other friends, Dawn and Mimi, and their kids, Lily, Will, and Jake. We ate lunch, rode the train, and saw lots of animals. Our favorite, most recognized animal was the monkey. We had hoped to see the elephants, but maybe next time.

Watching the sea lions! (Thomas is still a little taller than his "older" brother.)

I don't remember what we were looking at, but this is what all our pictures look like :)

Taylor, Natalie, Mama, and John David on the choo-choo!

Mimi, Will, and Jake

Lilybug and her bug - a butterfly she skillfully caught in the butterfly house

Whew, what a day!


First Wedding

We attended our first wedding this weekend in Birmingham. It was our (...1st, 2nd, 3rd,) fourth cousin's wedding, Jay Guyton. We were pretty well-behaved and enjoyed seeing lots of the Northcutt family. The food was great; we ate shrimp and grits and lots of grapes. We discovered that live music is much louder than our music at home, so we were too afraid to get down and dance. We're looking forward to our cousin Elizabeth's wedding is in a couple of months.
John David with Aunt Mary and Cici
Our cheesy, happy family :)
John David is about pictured out
That's enough, Mama...
Thomas and Daddy