Our second Easter was good! After a rough morning of dog emergencies and wrestling to fit into our new shoes, we made it to church. It was windy and chilly, but it didn't keep us from our first Easter egg hunt. We don't know why Mama brought baskets, because we didn't use them. We just ran through the churchyard, opened all the eggs, dropped the shells, and examined the treats inside! We left a trail of opened eggs scattered everywhere. We didn't care that we didn't get to eat the chocolate bunnies, probably because we didn't know we could. Next year will be a different story...

Checking out what the bunny left...

John David, left, and Thomas, right

Hey, there's nothing in this one?

Perhaps John David isn't smiling because he's the only one without candy?

with Dad!


Meet Lanie Mae, our new friend!

During Spring Break, we went to see one of Mama's dearest friends, Miss Kelli, to play with her little girl, Lanie Mae! She is only six days younger than we are. She shared all her toys and let us ride in her wagon. She is a great dancer! We are planning to go to the zoo with our new girlfriends, Lanie Mae and Lily, this spring. It's a double date, girls :)

John David says, "Dat Wanie...bebe."

Miss Kelli pulled us in the "waggie".

We "culuh culuh" together with crayons...

...and chalk!

We did a puzzle together.

We LOVE our NICU nurses!

Here are two of the BEST nurses in the world, Jana and Janya, who took excellent care of us for the first two months of our lives. We can quite literally say we wouldn't be here without them and the rest of the Princeton NICU girls. We had so much fun visiting and look forward to doing it year after year as we grow up!

John David and Thomas at Princeton NICU with Jana and Janya, 19 months after our arrival.