Surprise Visitor!

We had a surprise visitor on Saturday! Mama's best friend, Dawn, and baby Lily came to our house during naptime. What a great day for company! After days of rain and cold weather, our house is getting more boring by the minute! Lily is more adorable in person than she is on blogger! She slept, smiled, and studied everything she saw. John David even helped his "Aunt" Dawn (who is also a twin just like us!) throw away Lily's diaper. We weren't really sure what to think about a baby in our house, but we did NOT enjoy Mama and Daddy holding her. We are not ready to share our parents yet!

Isn't she the cutest thing?


Collegiate Confusion

We're not sure who to pledge our allegaince to? The battle between Papa John and Dad continues...

"Wock wock"ing on the front porch at Ezell's in Lavaca.
Dad won't let us go out in our crimson clothes...

But Dad's not at Papa John and Cici's house...they're trying to teach us to say "ROLL TIDE". And they love it when we wear these hats :)

Mama stays out of it; she thinks we're pretty handsome in both :)