First Snow!

Our first snow experience lasted only about five minutes, which turned out well for our hands since we wouldn't keep our gloves on. John David was thoroughly enjoying the cold stuff, but Thomas (who to his credit had just recently recovered from a week of high fever) was more interested in "cah" (which means sitting in dad's front seat pretending to drive).

Thomas is crying and "coh" (cold). What I don't have a picture of is the next five minutes, which includes John David with this same face, crying because we had to go back inside.


Sneaky, sneaky...

It is getting harder and harder to turn my back to do anything these days. I zipped over the gate into my room to get dressed when they got very quiet and the sound machine grew very loud. This is what I found: Thomas standing on the arm of the rocking chair and John David smiling at it all!


First Haircuts!

So our hair was not in our eyes yet, but scroll down to check out the view from behind! Poor John David sports the Pigpen do at some point everyday. Mom can wet it, comb it, beg it, but as soon as he rolls in the floor or sits in the car seat, the fuzz returns! Ironically, John David loves combing hair...

The night before the haircuts...
(Thomas and John David)

Thomas...is that you behind that fuzz??? Looking through Pigpen's haze is like looking through a fog :) (It is particularly bad here; not usually this crazy!)

John David was first (just like at birth!) and SOOOO wonderful and still during his haircut. He took it very seriously. He wouldn't even turn his head to look at the camera; he only moved his eyes.

Thomas was very good for his haircut as well, but Miss Pam had to watch her fingers. He kept pointing out everything he could see.

Thank you Aunt B! We couldn't have done it without you :)

My little men look so handsome and smooth!

Bye Bye Miss Angela!

Our favorite teacher we're going to miss terribly! We love, love, love Miss Angela!


Merry Christmas!

Cutting molars is one way to spend Christmas, and understandably we were quite the ill pills for the holiday. Thankfully, Santa understood and (along with grandparents) still delivered a wagon, a pair of cozy coupe cars, and a BLUE and GREEN kitchen-like-the-one-we-love-to-play-with-at-daycare-with-cool-lights-that-can-turn-on-and-off-and-has-no-highchair-for-babydolls-and-is-nothing-like-a-girl's-kitchen-and-we're-certainly-not-a-sissy-!! (Dad!!! He was understandably a little leery of mom's choice for an indoor toy, but we do enjoy opening cabinets and playing with the kitchen at school.) We also got a (manly) basketball goal much to dad's approval ;)
Aunt B got more pictures than mom did. Check out the Northcutt family's blog.

Drawing on my Magna Doodle...

Look what I found in my stocking!

Out of my way, Sunday driver!!

MY basketball!

And now I'm ill agian...

Christmas card photo attempts...

Of course, you can tell who's who by the monogram.

Take a good look...we'll probably never capture both boys looking at the camera at the same time for a long time.

I love my brother :)

With his current affection for basketballs and the tongue thing, John David could be a white Micheal Jordan.

Christmas on the River

Christmas on the River weekend was our first parade! We watched it from Cici and Papa John's front porch. We were not afraid of the loud firetruck; loved all the "cahs"; and we got to meet Mary Frances Collins. She was in the parade!

Thomas and Daddy clapping!

John David (and his ball of course) hanging out
with Granddaddy and Papa John.

Aunt Mary and John David

Sporting our parade beads with Aunt B and Aunt Mary...

John David and Granny, taking a walk.